Recently, bandmate Randy Hoffman came upon some discarded liner notes John had written for the John Wicks & The Records album entitled Rotate. Said notes told the story of John’s encounter with Fleetwood Mac founder Peter Green after having read in a tabloid paper that Green had fallen on hard times. It goes as follows:

“I do remember – during one of my rare outings – driving through the center of town – and being taken aback when I caught sight of Peter. He was shuffling along a side street, looking disheveled, much as he did in the newspaper picture. Deeply shocked and saddened by the experience, the grim reality really hit home. Back in my “comfort zone” – (acutely aware of the irony of the situation – “the bling leading the blind” as it were) – having rather surprisingly found his phone number listed in the local telephone directory under his real name – Greenbaum – I made an effort to reach out to him (at the time he lived close by – just 5 or 6 miles from me.). Anyway, I bit the bullet and called him up. What a big mistake that turned out to be! He answered the phone, his distinctive, brusk voice being instantly recognizable and everything went downhill from there…. In an effort to counter his vociferous denials that he was in fact THE Peter Green, I made a valiant – though ultimately – vein attempt to engage him on conversation before he unceremoniously cut me off! Undeterred, I called him back. No sooner than I uttered – “Peter?” he replied “Who is this?” and abruptly hung up on me for the second time!

Thanks to Randy Hoffman for allowing me to share them here.