Most folks don’t realize that John recorded an album of Records songs in 1991. The album was called Rock’Ola (1998) and was recorded in only three days. Here’s the story as I remember it.

John’s Records were to embark on a short tour of Spain but Rock Indiana insisted that they have product to promote while there. John had songs written but had yet to record them. That’s when Tommy Keene’s brother entered the picture. He knew a guy who knew a guy with a production truck. They pulled tit up and recorded Rock’Ola in time for Rock Indiana to manufacture product for the tour.

John always hated this record. It was so rushed that the songs weren’t fully realized in his view. I used to tell him that the songs were so strong it didn’t matter but he couldn’t get past the fact that his vision for these songs were not realized. Many of these tracks would eventually find their way onto Rotate where he would get a chance to properly record them.