Nearing the end of 2020, it seems like a good time to thank those who gave FOR THE RECORD, John’s tribute album, the attention that we had hoped they would. The reviews were overwhelmingly positive and a testament to how loved he was (and still is). Here are just a few:

John Borack – Goldmine

“… a much-needed collection that serves as a reminder of how important John Wicks’ music was to his many friends and fans. Heartfelt liner notes from Wicks’ former songwriting partner Will Birch and Richard Rossi complete this essential package. Grade: A

Lee Zimmerman – American Songwriter

“Ultimately, A Tribute to John Wicks is well worth investigating, even for those who aren’t familiar with Wicks’ work up until now. By any measure, it’s a power pop collection that packs unqualified credence.” (4 out of 5 stars)

Mike Deangelis – There Once Was a Note

“Taking the album as a whole, the scope of creativity is staggering, the loss of a major figure in music is driven home in a powerful album that is equal an elegy and a celebration in equal portions. Yes, it’s January, and yes, this already enters the books as one of the best albums of 2020.”

Beverley Patterson – Something Else

“For the Record: A Tribute to John Wicks is a thoughtful homage to a fellow who always followed his heart. John would definitely be touched by the care these talented artists put into keeping his music and spirit alive.”

One song seems to have garnered more attention than the others. John’s close friend Bill Berry recorded “1-800-Colonoscopy” and really hit a nerve. In fact, ‘1-800-Colonoscopy”  was the 2nd most played song in 2020 on This Is Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio, a weekly pop radio show and one of the most popular of it’s kind. More on radio in my next post.

Accolades for “1-800-Colonoscopy” include:

Bill Kopp – Goldmine, MusicScribe

“Tribute albums are rarely as enjoyable as this one. Don’t miss Bill Berry’s “1-800-Colonoscopy,” the highlight of a near-perfect album.”

Steve Simels – PopDose, Power Pop Blogspot

“In any case, “1-800-Colonoscopy” is my new favorite song of all time, and not just because my doctor has been hocking me to get one.”

Carl Cafarelli – This Is Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio

“Bill Berry‘s performance infuses the song with all the venom and resentment it requires, delivering a bitter and vindictive kiss-off that’s simultaneously as pop and as catchy as something, I dunno, more pleasant than its titular concern.”

Sincere thanks to all of those above and anyone and everyone who chose to review FOR THE RECORD. You’re the best.