John Wicks will be returning to the recording studio shortly, thanks to a hand full of new songs and the contributions of several talented artists. Jamie Hoover of The Spongetones will join John for this new project, a double sided single expected for release this coming March.

Due to unrelated issues, recording must be done remotely. Jamie will be working his guitar and studio magic on the east coast. Meanwhile, John will be joined by studio wizard Zak Nilsson and renowned musician/producer Fernando Perdomo to record vocals in Los Angeles.

Here’s the best part: YOU CAN BE AN EXECUTIVE PRODUCER! Simply visit the project’s IndieGoGo page and make a pledge. There are various “perks” in exchange for your gift, the proceeds from which will be used to offset production costs. Pledge as little as $10 and receive the new single in digital format. Pledge as much as $100 and see your name in lights, listed as an executive producer on all collateral material. And there are other levels/perks, too. FIND IT HERE.

Here’s John with more…..