The movie about Elton John, Rocket Man, reminded me of a story John once told me. And since I actually have a moment to share it, I thought I would.

We had been discussing embarrassing moments when John mentioned that he had once performed with Elton John. He didn’t say whether it was in support of – or as part of – the same bill kinda like one might see at a benefit show.

At the end of the show, all of the performers gathered on stage. As they took their bows, John reached for Elton’s hat, thereby removing his toupee and revealing his head in all its barren glory. Elton’s baldness was not yet public knowledge so to say this was embarrassing for all would be a gross understatement.

John apologized profusely afterward, of course. And he told me that Sir Elton could not have been more of a gentleman, telling JW that accidents happen and not to give it a second thought.

Its also worth noting that he never appeared on stage with Elton John again. Coincidence?

If anyone recalls hearing this story and can remember more detail, please share it via a comment. Thanks!