As promised, here’s the first of many stories John shared with me. If my memory is faulty and you happen to have been there, please feel free to write me with a correction or simply add it in the comment section below.

John & the Cover Band

Many years ago, before The Records or Kursaal Flyers, John was in a harmony band that did only cover songs. Their set included a couple of Beach Boys covers.

Back then, these bands were popular and the job paid pretty well. So, they toured all over England (and outside of the UK as well, I believe). However, John was getting increasingly frustrated with doing covers as he had bigger plans. He had nearly reached a point where he had had enough.

Opening for The Sweet

At that time, Brian Connolly and The Sweet were coming off an early hit or two. So, John’s cover band opened for them several times. Not everyone in the band felt particularly welcomed by the guys in The Sweet. Brian Connolly in particular could be a bit problematic. John, however, thought the guys in The Sweet were okay and didn’t mind Connolly at all.

Connolly sensed John’s frustration with singing Beach Boys covers night after night. Brian could tell he was about at his tipping point. So why not give him a push? Right?

As John was leaving stage and The Sweet were about to go on, Connolly couldn’t help himself. He looked directly at John and with equal parts empathy and contempt, asked:

“Having fun, fun, fun, are we?”.