For those who left comments on the April 5 post regarding the recording of “Chasing Angels” and Records’ bassist Phil Bown, thanks so much for your kind words and thoughts.

A strange event happened at the recording studio, although I wasn’t present at the time. Its an amazing story, more than a coincidence I believe, and something I’d like to share with all who were privileged enough to know him or simply experience his extraordinary talent.

My manager, Keith Chagnon and engineer Ed Donnelly – two very down to earth and grounded gents – were engaged in the process of recording an alternate version of the song, using my lead vocals, but adding syncopated drums and keys, kind of Daniel Lanois-style, if you will. It’s a radical transformation of the song, the intention being, to have a version that might possibly get picked up for movies or whatever, by music supervisors.

Anyway, apparently, whilst Ed was working on the computer screen, all of a sudden, pieces of the track began to move around of their own accord, to his and Keith’s bewilderment! Ed had never in his long career witnessed such a thing, and immediately both Keith and he thought, ‘Phil Brown’s spirit, perhaps?!’

Of course when they related the story to me, that’s the thing that popped into my mind, too! ‘It’s Phil Brown!’ This alternate version – being so radical – had them both worried that it might have been an expression of Phil’s disapproval, however – knowing dear Phil and his eclectic musical tastes – I felt the exact opposite.

If it really was Phil’s spirit, I sensed he was somehow relaying his approval. Can’t scientifically prove that’s the case, but I honestly feel he somehow sent us all a cosmic message. Reason to believe in the power and energy of our parallel universes!

We love you Phil Brown!